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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Seal is Shocked by the State of his Friend - Frivolous

▶Seal has a friend in bad shape. He is totally shocked and wants to help him. But his buddy does not want any assistance. A hectic night before at the local pub with the guys has knocked him completely off the planet. He is so tired. A good pick-me-up like a tomato juice will make him feel better. Some never learn ~ * 1 seal pay shocked it state it tired or friend get frivolous uh * 2 seal ate shocked run state for tired we friend fun frivolous uh * 3 seal say shocked in state bay tired he friend grin frivolous no * 4 seal play shocked saw state do tired is friend pop frivolous oh * 5 seal hit shocked was state the tired as friend did frivolous ah ~ ; grey mammal wild marine hangover ; ⧭ sharing relatives grey wild marine mammal food hangover rest family drink drunk ⧭ ☗ carnivora carnivorans cat years dogs teeth animals cats wolves suggests million dog group panda giant red dog-like split caniformia related research ancestor groups carnassial long modern branch world ‘panda’ skunks mongooses humans domesticated sharing eurasia mesonychids belong creodontans molars common largest mammal bears shearing share flesh question person branches egyptian dna breeding shared europe relatives place disorder domestication grey wild obvious occurred thought cat-like successful origins including rest asia early suggested called characteristics africa so-called huge deep feliformia fossa madagascar larger broadly evolutionary specialisation features meat-eaters design unique family specialised walked part skull badgers time earth seals weasels marine unclear includes humankind hyaenas earliest civets ancestors meerkats america emerged north suite martes predatory marten pine mammals miacids food small order hangover members age drunk stone terms drink + hangover marine wild mammal grey + = drunk drink family rest hangover food mammal marine wild grey relatives sharing = ☗ || horse budgie rabbit babies snake cutest tiger kittens bunny puppy goat lamb sweets puppies sheep eyes monkey kitty elephant bunnies squirrel fluffy smile || || FUNNY PHOTOS OF ANIMAL || || FUNNY e PHOTOS e OF e ANIMAL || ⦿ drink terms stone drunk age members hangover order small food home miacids mammals pine marten predatory martes suite north emerged america meerkats ancestors civets earliest hyaenas humankind includes unclear marine weasels seals earth time badgers skull part walked specialised family unique design meat-eaters features specialisation evolutionary broadly larger madagascar fossa feliformia deep huge so-called africa characteristics called suggested early asia rest including origins successful cat-like thought occurred obvious wild grey domestication disorder place relatives europe shared breeding dna pet egyptian branches person question flesh share shearing bears mammal largest common molars pets creodontans belong mesonychids eurasia sharing domesticated humans mongooses skunks ‘panda’ world branch modern long carnassial groups ancestor research related caniformia split dog-like red giant panda group dog million suggests wolves cats animals teeth dogs years cat carnivorans carnivora ⦿|| fish, ocean, sea, water, beach, tide, talking, communicating, buddies, pals, || You look rough George.
Hangover seal
"You look rough George."
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