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Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Prairie Dog is the Leader of the Band - Whimsical

▶Dog on the prairie is a whimsical band leader. Directing his musical group is the order of his day. Out on the plains playing tunes he is masterly at what he does. Taking the lead in arranging each note and how it is expressed. The beautiful sounds go to the farthest reaches of the grasslands. tune + || FUNNY PHOTOS OF ANIMAL || tune || FUNNY e PHOTOS e OF e ANIMAL || tune + ~ * 1 prairie say dog it leader or band get whimsical uh * 2 prairie ate dog run leader we band fun whimsical uh * 3 prairie say dog in leader he band grin whimsical no * 4 prairie hay dog saw leader is band pop whimsical oh * 5 prairie hit dog was leader as band did whimsical ah ~ ; baton instruments play music notes ; = baton on instruments on play on music on notes on sound on rhythm on song on burrows on wildlife on group on orchestra on. = ☗ baton in instruments in play in music in notes in sound in rhythm in song in burrows in wildlife in group in orchestra in. dogs in colonies in prairie-dog in times in continue in species in story in plains in main in york in reading in life in land in email in conservation in national in subscribe in opinion in clear in close in search in save in navigation in advertisement in food in colony in 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Prairie dog conductor
"Pay attention now."
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