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Thursday, July 19, 2018

Old Cat of the Rocks

▶ Dark panther seen in Blackheath That black cat has returned – panther is located in the Blue Mountains. Possibly it was the panther? The enormous cat is back. The subtle and conceivably fanciful black panther has clearly come back to the Blue Mountains, with a revealed location a week ago close to Blackheath's Pulpit Rock. Perth guest Sam Maher was walking in the bush without anyone else on Thursday, March 15, somewhere close to Pope's Glen Creek and Pulpit Rock, when he felt something watching him. "At the time I was tuning in to a podcast web recording with earphones when, abruptly, I sensed that I was being watched," "My response was to spin around, tear out the earphones and look behind. There was the sound of panicked movement to the front, driving me to look forward, getting an evident look at the back of a vast black creature having a long tail as it tore up the earth in a frenzy before jumping into the thick bush only four or five meters up the way from me." I first believed it to be a wild dog, however it appeared to be too extensive and furthermore it had a long streaming tail. "I was paralyzed with fear, stopping on the way as I watched the residue settle, considering: 'What the f... was that?'" He grabbed a stick and, with phone camera, moved toward the bush into which the creature had fled. He stopped for a couple of minutes at the bush before having qualms. "I was terrified," he conceded, saying he'd twisted his knee in the fiasco. Mr Maher announced that he had never known about the tales about large cats wandering the Australian bush. Later when he dsicovered a Gazette article from a year ago about an observation in Springwood. "I feel somewhat strange. You read stories and you think the guy is crazy, but I saw what my eyes saw. "I'm normally an extraordinary cynic with these things since I originate from a science background, an orthopedic technician, however my eyes don't lie." The last revealed panther location was close to Springwoods' Martin's Lookout in April 2017. Hazelbrook inhabitant Mike Williams, co-writer of a book regarding the matter, said he heard numerous reports of sightings. "When we were inquiring about the book, Australian Big Cats: An Unnatural History of Panthers, we ran over scores of comparable stories all through the Mountains and Hawkesbury districts. "The perceptions were to a great extent reliable: big black creature, bigger than a canine, frequently startled by bushwalkers into showing itself." It isn't known whether the Mountains panther is descended from the Illawarra panther, which has been purportedly seen from Austinmer to Coalcliff and the scenic Sea Cliff Bridge. "Why did you wake me up?" || feline, pets, unique, bushland, aussie, found, discovered, spotted, mammal, moggy,
Cat of the Rocks
"Why did you wake me up?"
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