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Friday, October 5, 2018

Ostrich Gobbles Food.

▶this ostriches heimlich manoeuvre has worked a treat. can't taste food discoveries earth touch news trackers alexa metrics disqus doubleclick google adsense google adsense asynchronous kissinsights earth touch planet close contribute sales broadcast sales footage sales menu home video-on-demand videos overview shows web articles galleries news network management team awards advertise partners contributors tv production contact contribute broadcast sales footage sales terms conditions search discoveries ostriches heimlich manoeuvre can't taste food ostriches heimlich manoeuvre can't taste food kelly starzak. april 2014 0 choking weak far ostriches concerned image oholek flickr ostrich's party trick matter recklessly gobbles food probably choke world's biggest bird savvy swallower secret pocket located base tongue according research dr martina crole researcher lecturer veterinary anatomy south africa's pretoria university exactly possible ostrich choke doesn’t epiglottis handy flexible flap prevents getting food water stuck windpipes ostrich's choke-defying ways unusual given wide glottis opening windpipe channels air trachea therefore closed swallowing prevent choking getting grips ins outs ostrich's digestive tract required hands-on approach dr crole spent day lab study specimens manipulating digestive tracts forceps sometimes bare hands worked action tongue. ostrich's anti-choking strategy tongue image jaime juan flickr humans ostrich's tongue moves back towards throat swallows spaces vocal folds close ostrich tongue epiglottis seals deal back tongue becomes heavily folded cradling glottis situated elevated structure called laryngeal mound here's special pocket comes play ∩−shaped pocket base tongue encases glottis sealing food water extra protection projections called lingual papillae hook laryngeal mound dr crole given unique anatomical mechanism name linguo-laryngeal apparatus crole scientist discover ostrich's handy tongue pocket. past 200 years researchers noticed crole figure researchers possibly didn’t realise function fresh specimens opted material preserved formalin alcohol hardens tissue inflexible problem crole ensured study specimens fresh enough flexible we're subject ostrich eating habits crole revelation sleeve pretty convinced birds great guzzling food probably can't taste it seems ostriches got left loop day evolution dishing taste buds context work crole already discovered ostrich relative emu quite capable tasting discovery made researcher confirm sense taste ratite species group large flightless birds ostrich emu belong seems ostriches got left loop day evolution dishing taste buds carefully dissecting removing preparing microscopy samples heads. ten ostriches ten emus research crole found trace taste buds african birds future genetic testing confirm findings lack taste buds explains ostriches pretty undemanding comes diet throw food back mouths doesn’t opportunity tasting crole speculates nature’s making easier eat so-called ‘bad tasting’ food lack dietary refinement ostriches – sharper – senses crole notes emus ostriches super-sensitive bills allow touch inspect objects add well-developed sense smell great eyesight ostrich pretty capable discriminating food absence taste sense smell characteristic ratites kiwis smell crole ostrich’s eye larger brain therefore vision developed findings. ostriches emus strengthen case ratite species actually unique group birds separate flying bird species adds top header image m kuhn flickr earth touch news kelly starzak kelly continent-hopped africa poland thanks parents searching bigger skies she’s grown tries keep head rising sea levels earth touch's website editor she’s devoted mild hypochondria zombie fiction ungovernable hounds tweets contrarygirl view contributor 0 made planet busy crazy place amidst noise voices lost stories heard that’s especially true planet’s countless wild species threatened persecuted complex fascinating support month growing team 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Ostrich eyes
"All mine!"
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