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Thursday, September 13, 2018

Lion Gets a Wheelbarrow

▶Lion has found a new type of transport, but he cannot start the engine. It is not a monocycle. It is a gardener's joy. It is a wheelbarrow. Yes someone left it lying around and the feline stumbled onto it. Who said the king of the jungle wasn't smart? This cat went to university. As a house cat would do the lion is comfortable in the wheelbarrow Not matter big, cats always cats, rip shreds eat you. house cat likes sit boxes? Well, lions different. At Oaklawn Farm Zoo Nova Scotia, huge, 400 pound male lion named Obi climbed wheelbarrow looked overgrown tabby cat apex predator. fits, sits couldn’t appropriate. fits, sits According Oaklawn Farm zookeeper Maria Weinberg, going lion enclosure lions pumpkins play with. giving lions pumpkins back Obi saw sitting wheelbarrow. Hoping would stay long enough pic, sit long wanted, three minutes jumped played pumpkins. Funny enough, wasn’t Obi’s time acting house cat regal African beast. Obi avid climber, wheelbarrows aren’t playground. Here’s photo top overturned trash can/recycling bin. Funny cats cats, they’re 400 pounds. ~ Where has everyone gone? || lioness, hunt, playful, quiet, resting, sits, high, mane, male, wheel,
Lion in wheelbarrow
"Where has everyone gone?"
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