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Monday, August 27, 2018

Happy Alligator Gets a Prize

▶ This is some gator. He is a very happy fellow. He has almost won a brand new car. Come on down! Play the game and you will win. Such a smarty pants alligator, could easily scoop the pot and go home a winner. He will probably drive home in his brand new car. Just a little issue of getting a drivers licence first. Crocodile punter study wins Ig Nobel jackpot Aussie scientists. wildlife handler shows teeth baby saltwater crocodile. Australian researchers investigated link holding saltwater croc risky gambling behaviour recognised Ig Nobel prizes, parody world's greatest scientific honour. Australian researchers awarded Ig Nobel Prize Economics work gambling risk. Ig Nobels celebrate quirky science findings inspire wonder scientific thought 2017 winners include research didgeridoo treatment sleep apnoea ears bigger age. Ig Nobels awarded annually Harvard University scientific research makes people laugh. Professor Matthew Rockloff Nancy Greer Central Queensland University received year's Economics Prize 2010 study, looked people tweaked gambling habits holding one-metre long saltwater crocodile. crocodile study really sneaky arousing people gambled wouldn't recognise emotional state, physiologically aroused, Professor Rockloff. research, visitors Queensland's Koorana Saltwater Crocodile Farm gamble money simulated poker machine immediately held saltwater crocodile. team wanted emotional state gambler changed things speed bet, size bet, final payout. Close game poker machine. found problem gamblers felt excited holding crocodile made larger bets felt lucky, those felt croc handling cautious gambling. There's connection now, found time study, emotional states gambling behaviour, Professor Rockloff. Excitement, interpreted way, cause gamble risky fashion. crocodiles? casting Central Queensland things exciting. exciting Central Queensland, Professor Rockloff. wife came brilliant suggestion — crocodiles Central Queensland kind exciting. always inkling study catch eye Ig Nobel decision-makers, Professor Rockloff. vague feeling, study, gee — Ig Nobels. certainly realised quirky study, serious science Ig Nobels celebrate. ~ I have been chosen for the big prize. || crocodile, jungle, swamp, everglades, hunter, swim, water, food, meat, feed,
Happy gator
"I have been chosen for the big prize."
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