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Monday, April 30, 2018

Dogs See Capybara as No Pig - Witty

▶Capybara Tells the group of dogs that he is not a pig. They see he is not, no! He is a porky in a fur coat. That is what he is. He cannot hide the truth from them. They know a piglet when they come across one. This is an unusual family. They will have to get an understanding though on who is to be boss - the faker or the pups. He thinks he is witty. ; of rodent if largest hi long ho water ha eat in social ; + rodent a largest a long a water a eat a social + ~ * 1 dogs pay see it capybara it or pig get witty uh * 2 dogs ate see run capybara for we pig fun witty uh * 3 dogs say see in capybara bay he pig grin witty no * 4 dogs play see saw capybara do is pig pop witty oh * 5 dogs hit see was capybara the as pig did witty ah ~ ⧭ him rodent la largest an long we water ok eat it social on taste at meat at puppies of pups ⧭ = rodent i largest i long i water i eat i social i taste i meat i puppies i pups = ☗ tie rodent pit largest he long ret water gov eat sub social of taste nab meat set puppies new pups the south sum american aye wild zip large was Hydrochoerus hi hydrochaeris not chigüire zap carpincho ☗ ⦿ rodent largest long water eat social taste meat puppies pups south american wild large Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris chigüire carpincho ⦿ || goat bunnies puppy sweets sheep eyes kittens kitty bunny babies squirrel elephant smile budgie lamb fluffy tiger horse snake monkey cutest rabbit || , || I am in charge here! || FUNNY PHOTOS OF ANIMAL || || FUNNY e PHOTOS e OF e ANIMAL || wild || animals friends committee mixed meeting yard straw farm birth listening ||
Capybara dogs
"I am in charge here!"
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