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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Chicken Line Dance to Country Music

▶Chickens do a poultry boot scootin dancing to hillbilly, old-time sound. A synchronined team, they do it well. One foot forward, one step back. They are real swingers. Stepping out and cool with it. || FUNNY camera PHOTOS on ANIMAL || 1 chicken do line if dance country us music ha || FUNNY image PHOTOS print ANIMAL ~ 2 chicken does line for dance and country be music uh 3 chicken are line in dance the country or music no 4 chicken like line so dance at country it music oh 5 chicken say line to dance ox country the music ah 6 chicken is line by dance an country not music no 7 chicken is line as dance go country as music hi ~ smile lamb bunny cutest elephant goat eyes horse monkey fluffy babies snake bunnies kittens puppy squirrel cats sheep puppies cat tiger rabbit small budgie dogs kitty pet sweets ⧭ ☗ of song if songs hi top ho time ha wedding in tunes on moves an don't to list it classics at cha or watch we wobble he artists up nae to dee uh soulja eh boy ☗ ⦿ song songs top time wedding tunes moves don't list classics cha watch wobble artists nae dee soulja boy || comical, amusing, humorous, laugh, creatures, fur, tune, play, entertain, ballet, || ⦿
Dancing chicken
"Keep together Mildred ."