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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Raccoon Gets Unwanted Handout

Raccoons are clever about getting what they want from humans. They are really smart creatures. Getting food is their main goal. Going hungry is not their thing. But when people give them money to buy takeaway meals they have to realize that it must be paid back. An empty hand must be filled. # Raccoon e Gets e Unwanted e Handout e raccoons e food e feeding e don't e leave # $ Raccoon d Gets d Unwanted d Handout d raccoons d food d feeding d don't d leave d find d you're d it's d put $ % Raccoon c Gets c Unwanted c Handout c raccoons c food c feeding c don't c leave c find c you're c it's c put c tips c wild c people c house % ^ Raccoon b Gets b Unwanted b Handout b raccoons b food b feeding b don't b leave b find b you're b it's b put b tips b wild b people b house b lot b animals b rabies b good b neighbors ^ * Raccoon a Gets a Unwanted a Handout a raccoons a food a feeding a don't a leave a find a you're a it's a put a tips a wild a people a house a lot a animals a rabies a good a neighbors a backyard a generally a wonderful a nasty a cute a hand a bite a bit a test a they're a you'll a avoid a night a attracting a there's a won't a time a vacation a live a adventurous a you've * + raccoons food feeding don't leave find you're it's put tips wild people house lot animals rabies good neighbors backyard generally wonderful nasty cute hand bite bit test they're you'll avoid night feed attracting there's won't time vacation live adventurous you've + || funny, animal, photos, dog, cat, pet, rat, horse, pig, owner, ||
Raccoon with a hand out
"Sorry mate I spent it!"
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