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Friday, June 23, 2017

Fancy House Built for Cat

Home for cat
"Come in and have a cup of tea."
▶ feline decides to move into a new place and is happy there. fancy internet abode camera cottontail goanna dogfish pelican hammerhead hake zebra bat mammal hippo fancy web house photographer built computer cat phone abode hi mockingbird pike crab macaw viper cichlid stag sardine owl snowy turkey fancy pages house images built pc cat screen abode ha groundhog hippopotamus sand tarsier springer bearfish sole crocodile puma fancy text house scene built tablet cat keyboard abode ox crocodiles amusing rhinocerous gerbil hummingbird heron meerkat polecat fancy words house view built mobile cat as seagull coonhound Kelah avocet bull canary ladybird Sambar jaguar toucan ◀
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▶ roost kennel malkin cushy roof ostentatious elaborate intricate apartment pigpen florid crib tom rococo kitten residency assembled decorative habitation lynx bullpen produced complicated together grimalkin rich frilly box puss setup edifice shanty tiger castle coop elegant flophouse deluxe homestead lavish custom unusual diggings tomcat resplendent special ornate gaudy completed manufactured fabricated lean-to baroque garnished layout adorned shack digs pad condo embellished gingerbread pigsty chichi dwelling joint beautifying spiffy kitty cubbyhole leopard showy froufrou bobcat fanciful lion created put rack dump cheetah cougar sumptuous finished pied-à-terre turf mouser mansion residence flat panther ocelot tabby condominium home decorated cave domicile co-op | Come in and have a cup of tea. ◀